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Carcass Persistence module


The Carcass Persistence module allows modelling carcass removal times using parametric survival analysis procedures and, through a goodness-of-fit analysis, select the best fitting parametric model (Exponential, Weibull, Log-logistic or Log-normal) (Bispo et al. 2013).

The following correction factors are estimated by this module, allowing to account for carcass removal:

  • Mean persistence rate - the average proportion of carcasses that died between two consecutive searches and persists until the end of the search interval
  • Mean persistence time - the average number of days a carcass persists before it is removed by scavengers and/or decomposition
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    This module is based on the work from the following authors:

    Bispo, R., Bernardino, J., Marques, T.A. & Pestana, D. (2013) Modeling carcass removal time for avian mortality assessment in wind farms using survival analysis. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 20:147-165.

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