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Carcass Persistence module

Data requirements

To use the Carcass Persistence module, please make sure your data has all the following mandatory data fields:
time and time2 =  carcass removal time (number of days between carcass placement and removal)
event =  refers to the removal scenario type. Values range from 0 to 3, according to:
  • 0 if carcass remains until the last day of the trial
  • 1 if exact carcass removal time is known (only applied for photo trapping methodology)
  • 2 if carcass was removed between its placement and the first visit
  • 3 if carcass was removed between two visits
  • Optional fields:
    Factor A =  first variable of interest, such as the season, etc. (max. 4 levels)
    Factor B =  second variable of interest, such as the carcass size, etc. (max. 4 levels)

    Template data file

    To upload your data, please read the instructions on How To Fill Template Data File and use the Template Data File
    available for download at the link below:

    Download instructions and the template data file here

    Upload data

    Next, fill the Template Data File with your data (copy/paste your data from xls to the .txt file) and upload it here:

    Note that all uploaded data belongs to their rightful owners.
    It is considered confidential and will not be used in any way.

    Trial design

    Tell us how your data file is organized. Make sure to validate how many factors your datafile has for the platform will not provide an error if selected factors and the data does not correctly match.

    Factor A Factor B
    No A factor
    (remove column from datafile)
    2 levels
    3 levels
    4 levels
    No B factor
    (remove column from datafile)
    2 levels
    3 levels
    4 levels

    Calculate estimates for the following search interval(s):

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