Wildlife Fatality Estimator
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About the WFE platform

Wildlife Fatality Estimator (WFE) web-based platform was developed as part of a R&D project "Integrated solutions for managing biodiversity in Wind Farms: bird and bat mitigation and compensation", also known as Wind & Biodiversity project. This 3 year project started in 2011 and was lead by a Portuguese environmental consulting company - Bio3 (currently named Bioinsight) in partnership with CESAM research group from the University of Aveiro (Portugal). The WFE platform was launched in 2015, with the help of investigators from a Portuguese research institute, ISPA. In 2017, the platform was upgraded and is now on its second edition.

The aim of this platform is to integrate all calculations necessary to estimate bird and bat fatality at wind farms by combining several existing methods in one unique platform. Therefore, three modules are made available for the users: carcass removal correction, carcass detection probability correction and fatality estimators.

Suggested citation

Bioinsight (2017). Wildlife Fatality Estimator - A web-based platform to estimate wind farm fatality. Second edition. Available at www.wildlifefatalityestimator.com.

Bioinsight & ISPA @ 2017